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Splines are ridges or teeth [1] [2] [3] on a drive shaft that mesh with grooves in a mating piece and transfer torque to it, maintaining the angular correspondence between them.

For instance, a gear mounted on a shaft might use a male spline on the shaft that matches the female spline on the gear. The splines on the pictured drive shaft match with the female splines in the center of the clutch plate, while the smooth tip of the axle is supported in the pilot bearing in the flywheel.

An alternative to splines is a keyway and keythough splines provide a longer fatigue lifeand can carry significantly greater torques for the size. There are several types of splines: [2]. Clutch disc with splined hub to mesh with input shaft pictured above. A drive shaft with a spline in the center and universal joints at the ends to transmit torque and rotation and allow for changes in length.

Splines on the CV end of an axle shaft. Drive shafts on vehicles and power take-offs use splines to transmit torque and rotation and allow for changes in length.

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Splines are used in several places in bicycles. Some cranksets feature modular spiders, where torque is transmitted through splines. Cassettes engage the freehub via a spline that has one groove wider than the others to enforce a fixed orientation. Disc brake mounting interfaces that are splined include Centerlock, by Shimano. Aircraft engines may have a spline upon which mounts the propeller. There may be a master spline which is wider than the others, so that the propeller may go on at only one orientation, to maintain dynamic balance.

This arrangement is commonly found in larger engines, whereas smaller engines typically use a pattern of threaded fasteners instead. There are two complementary types of splines, internal and external.

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External splines may be broachedshaped for example on a gear shaping machinemilledhobbedrolledground or extruded. There are fewer methods available for manufacturing internal splines due to accessibility restrictions.

Methods include those listed above with the exception of hobbing no access. Also, if the part is small it may be difficult to fit a milling or grinding tool into the area where the splines are machined. To prevent stress concentrations the ends of the splines are chamfered as opposed to an abrupt vertical end. Such stress concentrations are a primary cause of failure in poorly designed splines. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Matching splines of a bicycle cassette and freehub with a master spline visible at the top.

West Michigan Spline, Inc. Retrieved Gear Solutions Magazine. The externally splined shaft mates with an internal spline that has slotsor spaces, formed in the reverse of the shaft's teeth. Oxford University Press.

Categories : Mechanical power transmission. Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.Dont jeopardize your safety with inferior quality Mustang II power rack universal joints. Speedway offers only the finest steering U-joints made by Sweet Manufacturing. Ideal demo derby component when using for an application common to the Ford Crown Vic and Ford Galaxie. DO NOT interchange these u-joints.

STEP 1 Be sure to measure the diameter of the shaft and count the number of splines on the shaft. Some shafts have a blank spot ground on one side.

To get the correct number of splines, use a flat edge and cover the blank half of the shaft through the diameter and count the splines on the other half. Multiply that number by 2, thus giving you the total number of splines on the full circumference of the shaft. STEP 3 With these two pieces of information at hand, refer to our chart to find the appropriate part number of the ujoint for your specific application. Tech Tip 1: When using more than two universal joints in a system, a support heim must be used.

If a greater angle is needed, add another u-joint. Help is just a click away! Products to Compare max of 3 X. Add to Cart. In Stock.

Steering U-Joints

Store Pickup Availability X. Lincoln, NE. Select your vehicle to verify fitment. Select a vehicle to verify fitment. Select Vehicle. Part PLN. Add to Buildlist. Click to Login. Universal Joint Style:.This new style of U-joints combines strength, safety, and cost effectiveness.

spline joint shaft

Both sides incorporate the pinch bolt design. Note: Torque U-Joint to 45ft. May need to repeat times. Manufactured by Sweet Mfg. These U-Joints are designed specifically for use in race cars.

Sweet's universal joints are strong and precise with "no slop". Compact, lightweight and durable, these universal joints are capable of 32 degrees of working angle. This U-Joint uses pinch bolt fasteners on either side. This is a size that is used on some large GM steering columns. Unisteer performance products brings you our new line of steering U-Joints.

Made out of stainless steel these Double U-Joints will be a safe as well as visually pleasing addition to your vehicle, they look sharp! This U-Joint use pinch bolt fasteners on both sides.

This new style of U-joint combines strength, safety, and cost effectiveness. Made out of stainless steel these U-Joints will be safe as well an aesthetically pleasing addition to your vehicle, they look sharp! This U-Joint uses the pinch bolt fastener style on both sides.

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This is used for our w and w Electra-Steer units. It will not fit inside a 2" OD or smaller column tube.

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Made out of stainless steel these Double U-Joints will be a safe as well as visually pleasing addition to your vehicle. They look sharp! This size is found on some early GM steering columns.

Made out of polished stainless steel these Doubl U-Joints will be a safe as well as visually pleasing addition to your vehicle. That is a common size spline for large GM Steering boxes. Made out of stainless steel these Double U-Joints will be s safe as well as visually pleasing addition to your vehicle. This shaft consists of two Stainless Steel U-joints, a section of shaft, and a tongue for the Mustang.

Click Here for Shaft Instructions. It is the common size for the Vega style steering box. This size is common for small GM steering boxes.

This U-Joint uses pinch bolt fasteners on both sides of the joint. Note: Only fits on the Mustang II racks. This is a 27" long shaft assembly when fully compressed, and is 33" when extended. It includes a notch on one end for a U-joint bolt. The shaft could be shortened by cutting the 1" shaft.

Made out of stainless steel these U-Joints will be safe as well an atheistically pleasing addition to your vehicle. This is a 21" long shaft assembly when fully compressed, and is 26" when extended.With a gear-shaped profile on one end, these shafts transmit high rotational loads— good for hydraulic systems, machine tools, and other high-torque applications.

Compared to keyed shafts, they last longer, handle higher torque, and do not require as tight of a fit. Shafts are carbon steel, a general purpose shafting material that balances high strength and good machinability. They are 48" long and have six 12" -long splined grooves on one end. The splined end meets SAE dimensional standards for splined shafts.

The straight end is turned, ground, and polished for a smooth, round finish. The edges are chamfered to remove sharp corners, reducing damage to bearings, housings, and other components during installation.

Grooves on the surface of these shafts transmit rotary power while allowing bearings to move freely along the length of the shaft. All are turned, ground, and polished to tight diameter and straightness tolerances.

Spline (mechanical)

Shafts with four splines work with ball spline bearings, which create relatively little friction. They're commonly found in robotic and other automated systems that require complex, fast movements.

They don't transmit as much torque as shafts with six splines. All four -spline shafts are alloy steel for high strength. They're case-hardened to increase hardness and wear resistance on the surface of the shaft while allowing the center to remain soft for absorbing stresses caused by shifting loads.

Some of our four-spline shafts have a step-down end, which has been ground smooth and round like a standard shaft. Mount bearings, gears, and other round-bore components.

Six Splines. Large, evenly spaced splines transmit high-torque loads, such as those found in hydraulic systems, drivetrains, and machine tools. These shafts work with plain bearings, which means they're not meant for high-speed positioning applications. Made of steel, they're strong but also machinable, so you can modify the ends to fit into your mounting fixtures. Machine your own gears to fit the exact face width and shaft diameter required. Teeth are not hardened so you can machine and harden them to fit your application.

Also known as spur gear rod stock. For gears to mesh correctly, they must have the same pressure angle and pitch.Due to shipper and supplier delays, your order may take longer to arrive. Display Options. Already know the part number you need?

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International delivery. United States delivery. Steering U-Joints Replace your worn factory steering U-joint or finish off your custom steering system with top-brand U-joints from Summit Racing! Our selection includes standard, double joint, vibration damper, rag joint, pin and block, and low-profile styles and more! Shop steering U-joints at Summit Racing today! Recent Vehicles. Refine results by: Current Vehicle Recent Vehicles. Recently Searched. Show Recent Vehicles.

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spline joint shaft

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spline joint shaft

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Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Statistics for the Twenty-First Century. Washington, DC: The Mathematical Association of America. Investigating Statistical Concepts, Applications, and Methods (PDF).